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Acuiti Labs at Mobile World Congress (MWC) – Experiences and Insights

Acuiti Labs recently participated in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) which took place from Monday 25th to Thursday 28th February, in the events center La Fira, Barcelona, Spain.This event brought leading-edge technologies from more than 2,400 leading companies from all around the globe together, all which displayed innovative solutions for a wide range of audiences from tech, automotive,...

Harmonise your Sales Process to stay compelling in your business with SAP CX Sales Cloud

How to win the customer’s heart using modern technologies? This is one of the significant challenges for many growing companies. Digital transformation is revolutionizing how enterprises build and enhance their business services and solutions, motivating decision-makers to re-assess their capabilities to align and adapt to evolving market trends. Customer experience plays a very crucial role...

Transforming Billing & Invoicing with SAP Subscription Management

SAP Subscription Billing Solution is one of the most deployed subscription billing management solution in today’s digital era. Whilst the ERP of the 20th century concentrated on the digitization of business processes, the post-modern ERP focuses on the digital transformation of the business process. In this blog, we will understand about how SAP Subscription transforms Billing and Invoicing.

Transformation of SAP BRIM to SAP Hybris Billing

In today’s competitive world, customers demand products/solutions which are readily available and can be tailored to their specific business needs. Fast-growing industries like retail, telecommunication, logistics, utility, media, hospitality, manufacturing, and digital media need business systems that support their multi-fold growth and eliminate challenges like: Managing a growing customer...

All you need to know about ‘SAP BRIM’/ ‘SAP Hybris Billing’ and the Transformation using BRIM

Introduction to SAP BRIM SAP BRIM, also known as SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management, is basically a high-volume usage-based solution that is mainly designed to ease the complex billing an invoicing process. Generally, it is used in industries like energy, telecom, utilities etc. but its usage in other similar areas is also increasing rapidly.

Transform Your Business Model from Product to Service Mindset

Today consumers are more interested in services than products. Instead of buying and owning DVDs and CDs, they subscribe to Netflix and Spotify. Instead of buying servers, they are subscribing to SAP’s HANA Enterprise Cloud, Amazon’s AWS & Microsoft’s Azure platforms. This phenomenon is also changing how companies approach their businesses. Dollar Shave Club for grooming, Blue Apron for food,...

A successful start-up needs a decisive foundation -Information Security!

The basic ingredients to build a successful start-up are - Idea, Action, Team & Funding. An idea is about making a difference to the status quo. This idea should solve real-time problems faced by people/groups. A right action in a timely, consistent, & responsible manner helps materialize those ideas into reality. Having a team makes it easier to achieve goals in a complex, risk-filled world....

Oil & Gas / Process Industry Ready for Worker Mobile Revolution

The petrochemical industry has been slow to adopt mobile technology now taken for granted in many workplaces, but the timing is now right and the products available to trigger a change.  Let me explain why I believe the time is ‘now’ for change.

To Shore or to Offshore?

In my 20+ years in the tech world, I have worked with offshore centres in the USA, Holland, India, Germany and Poland. Throughout this time, I have seen the offshoring model implemented very well. I have also seen it implemented very badly. Even today with an abundance of Cloud based project management tools and video conferencing technologies, it surprises me that people are still haunted by...

3 Important Start-up Accelerators for Your Tech Business

Accelerating your tech business gives you the advantage of reduced cost of achieving cruising altitude. Speeding up your start-up is crucial because first mover advantage is really key to success. All tech start-ups are resource hungry and low funds. So how do you develop your tech/software product while minimising your spend?  Press your start-up accelerator pedal hard and improve your time...

Why you need to transition from just ‘IT’ to business tech before it is too late

Technology is impacting and transforming everyday lives and businesses in an unprecedented manner. However, many IT departments are just that – looking after IT systems and focused on defining and standardizing IT services, service catalogues, prediction of unit costs, project management methodology, implementation standards and architecture standards. In this article, we explain why the role...

‘Skin in the Game’: Is your tech partner ready to share your risks?

For many start-up working on innovative new ideas or solutions, R&D (research and development)is at the heart of their work. When it comes to building the tech teams/tech partnership, there are many questions to address, including: how do I get a tech team that can deliver the MVP (minimum viable product), or how do I quickly ramp up team to build and scale the product?

Business plan for startup can be best organised with these basic components

Business Plan For Start-Up Here are a few basic components that can be helpful in organising your business plan for start-up in the best way. Accelerate your business growth with these simple steps: